External links

  1. In _config.yml check that nav_external_links is not set, then build the site.

  2. Check that no external links are shown in the navigation panel.

  3. In _config.yml add the following:

      - title: This site on GitHub
        url: https://github.com/just-the-docs/just-the-docs-tests
        # hide_icon: true

    Then rebuild the site.

  4. Check that an external link appears once, with an icon, after the links to the ordinary pages, and before the collections.

  5. In _config.yml uncomment the hide_icon line, then rebuild the site.

  6. Check that the icon does not appear.

  7. In _config.yml uncomment in defaults:

      scope: {path: ""}
      values: {nav_exclude: true}

    Then rebuild the site.

  8. Check that the external link still appears.

  9. In _config.yml replace collections: by collections_hide:, and just_the_docs: by just_the_docs_hide:, then rebuild the site.

  10. Check that the external link still appears.

  11. In _config.yml revert the above changes.